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Join 1000 personal trainers in early access 🚀

All-in-one software for personal trainers.

Deliver the best possible coaching experience to your clients while saving time and acquiring new clients.

Personal trainer softwareApplication for personal trainer

All in-one Personal Trainer Software☝️

Say goodbye to hours wasted creating PDF's, structuring spreadsheets or composing programs on sheets of paper for your clients...Deliver the best possible coaching experience to your clients while saving your time and growing your business with one all-in-one solution Gymkee.

Personal trainer Customer software

Real time monitoring

Your clients will always be able to rely on you because you will have access to all their fitness activities at all times to help them achieve their goals.

Personal trainer software

Save a lot of time

Gymkee will save you at least 2 hours per customer per week thanks to the interface designed to make the most of your time.

Personal trainer software

Increase the value of your coaching

Today, your clients expect more than a simple coaching in PDF, Excel or by e-mail. With Gymkee, you can increase the value of your coaching.

The Gymkee software for personal trainers ✨

To help you deliver the best possible coaching experience to your clients, we have centralized all the tools that will allow you to easily help your clients reach their goals while saving a maximum of time and growing your coaching business.


💪 No more wasting time on creating your fitness programs

Creating a fitness program is one of the most time consuming activities.  Thanks to our drag & drop system, we have designed a unique, ultra-optimized program builder that will allow you to create your workouts and programs in no time.

Learn more about the Workout Builder
Workout builder
Workout builder

🎬 +350 exercises available to you to create your fitness programs

To enable you to create programs and complete workouts, we have made more than 400 exercises available to you, both with and without equipment. The Gymkee exercise library is regularly updated with new exercises.

Learn more about the Exercise Library

🤳 Customize your app by adding your own video exercises

As well as our 400 exercises you will be able to add your own exercise videos to personalize your application and deliver a better coaching experience to your clients.

You will be able to add your own videos in less than a minute and use them for your programs.  The added videos will only be available to you and your clients.

Learn more about Adding exercises
Personal trainer sofrware
Personal trainer software

👀 No more back and forth. Your customers' data in one place

No more spreadsheets to ask your clients for feedback on their workouts.

You have visibility of all your clients' sessions available in one click with all the details to adapt their program and offer ultra-personalized coaching.

Learn more about Simplified client tracking

✨ Customize your clients' application to your brand colors

Fully customize your application with your own brand colors. Deliver a better coaching experience to your clients while offering them your world.

App personal trainer


🥑 Create your nutrition programs in a few clicks

The nutrition of a customer plays a very important role in his or her progress and the achievement of his or her fitness goals. You can easily and quickly create nutritional programs as well as nutritional advice for your clients.

On Gymkee, you can also add a nutritionist to your team in order to deliver this coaching to your clients.

Learn more about Nutrition Builder
personal trainer software
Recipe personal trainer - App and personal trainer software

🤤 Share your best healty recipes with your customers

Do you have healthy recipe ideas to share with your clients? You will be able to create your own recipes that your clients will be able to consult and taste!

The recipes created are also available when creating a food program.

Learn more about Recipes

The Gymkee solution for your customers🏋🏽

A mobile app conceived for your clients that will allow them to receive your programs and do their workouts without any external distraction. Simple and effective.

Application for personal trainer

A fully-featured application

The mobile coaching application for your clients allows them to access their workouts, their programs, all the exercise videos and their data.

Application for personal trainer

Simplified as much as possible

The mobile application for your clients has been designed to be very easy and without distractions to allow them to efficiently complete their workouts.

Application for personal trainer

Accurate and simplified tracking

No more time wasted reporting their workouts. Your clients fill in their workout with a simple finger movement.

Learn more about the Client Mobile App

Personal use of the app free for life

As a trainer, you have the possibility to use the application for your own programs even before adding your first client to make sure that it fits perfectly with your expectations. Oh and... your personal use is free, for life. 👇🏼

Try for free for 7 daysBook a personalized demo

Les avis de nos clients 😍

On est très fiers de pouvoir accompagner tous les jours des coachs sportifs qui aident des centaines de personnes à être en bonne santé physique et mental.

C'est eux qui parlent le mieux de nous ❤️

+300 coachs sportifs heureux nous font déjà confiance, pourquoi pas toi ? :)

Our clients' reviews 😍

We are very proud to be able to assist every day the trainers who help hundreds of people to be in a healthy physical and mental state. They are the ones who speak best about us ❤️

Avis client YouTube

The application is intuitive and very easy to use. It is constantly evolving, the team behind Gymkee takes into account all our feedback and lets us customize our content.

Avis clients Gymkee Coach sportif - Gymkee

Kands Coach

Personal Trainer

Today, I found the perfect tool for me. I tested several tools before Gymkee and I chose Gymkee for its simplicity. I have saved a lot of time and my clients are very happy. The team is also very reactive, with a maximum of 10 minutes to get an answer!

Avis clients Gymkee Coach sportif - Gymkee


Personal trainer
Avis client gymkee

Gymkee is a very simple software to use, both for me as a trainer and for my clients. The interface is very clear, customizable and constantly evolving. If there is any problem, the team is super reactive. I recommend it!

Avis clients Gymkee Coach sportif - Gymkee


Personal Trainer

It's a revolution. I have tested a few other softwares before and they didn't suit me at all... Gymkee is beautiful, practical and simple. Absolutely everything I'm looking for. I recommend it 200%!

Avis clients Gymkee Coach sportif - Gymkee


Personal Trainer

thousands of happy personal trainers already trust us everyday, so why not you? :)

Who is Gymkee for? 🤔

Gymkee is an app for personal trainers that meets the needs of all types of trainers
thanks to its customization.


Gym training ✔️


Crossfit ✔️


At home✔️


Développer son activité de coaching sportif - Gymkee - Application pour coach sportif

Outside ✔️

Try for free for 7 daysBook a personalized demo

We're always here for you 👌

At Gymkee, our strength is our relationship with our personal trainers.
We are always there to support you and your feedback is very important to us.

Application pour coach sportif Gymkee - Logiciel pour coach sportif Gymkee - Outil coaching sportif

A different vision

Le futur du coaching sportif réserve énormément de choses et nous faisons de notre maximum pour t'aider avec notre vision différente de celle du marché.

Application pour coach sportif Gymkee - Logiciel pour coach sportif Gymkee - Outil coaching sportif

You are our partner

Notre force, c'est notre proximité avec nos coachs. Tu es considéré comme un partenaire et c'est grâce à tes retours et nouvelles idées que nous avançons.

Application pour coach sportif Gymkee - Logiciel pour coach sportif Gymkee - Outil coaching sportif

We take care of our trainers.

We do our best to give you the best experience possible. For example, our support team will respond to you within minutes every day.

Groupe facebook pour coach sportif Gymkee

1st Discord Personal Trainers Community in the world 🙌

Step by step, we are building a community of personal trainers who regularly exchange with
each other and share their best practices to develop their business.

Join the community

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When will we be able to access Gymkee ?

Today, Gymkee is only avaible in French and we are translating the software step-by-step. You can be an early bird and request access to Gymkee before everyone by completing this form :

👉 Complete the form

Take care ❤️

How much does the Gymkee personal trainer software cost?

The plans offered are plans that adapt to your current situation. Today, you can have your own coaching app from 29€ per month and without any commitment.

You can find all the plans and prices right here:

👉 see all plans

Take care ❤️

Do my clients pay Gymkee?

Your clients will never be charged for using Gymkee.

When you choose the plan that suits you best, it is you and only you as a trainer who is automatically charged every month.

Take care ❤️

Is it possible to add your own exercises to Gymkee?

Yes, you can add your own exercises to the platform and use them to create your own fitness programs.

Take care ❤️

Is it possible to create nutritional programs on Gymkee?

Yes, you can create nutritional programs and even recipes on Gymkee and send them to your clients on their mobile app.

Take care ❤️

I have the feeling that Gymkee is oriented towards gym workouts, is that the case?

This is just a feeling.

Gymkee is totally customizable, whether it's the exercise videos that you can add yourself, or the instruction labels that you put on your programs, etc.

We have trainers for weight training, crossfit, yoga, boxing and even tennis!

Take care ❤️

I don't do online coaching, can I use Gymkee?

Yes, you can use Gymkee for your face-to-face coaching.

All you have to do is prepare your workouts on the trainer platform and send them to your clients before joining them to do the workouts with them.

Take care ❤️

Can I create TABATA, AMRAP, EMOM protocols? (and other variants)

Yes, it is absolutely possible.

On Gymkee you can create simple workouts but also WODs with Tabata, AMRAP and EMOM protocols with their variants (E3MOM, E5MOM).

Take care ❤️

Can I communicate with my clients on Gymkee?

For now, you can't yet.

This is a feature that will be available in the coming weeks to allow you to exchange directly with your clients without going through external applications.

Take care ❤️

If I no longer coach a client, can I remove them from Gymkee?

Yes, you can remove a client from the platform by going to their profile and clicking on "I no longer coach this client".

If a client is injured and is unable to follow his workouts, you can also make him "inactive". He will no longer have access to the application to follow his workouts but will still have access to his fitness data.

Take care ❤️

What should I do if I want to cancel my Gymkee subscription?

You can cancel your subscription with just one click in your profile.

Take care❤️

Do you have any other questions? Ask us via the chat at the bottom right of the page or send us a short e-mail
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