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A complete demo of the Gymkee Personal Trainer software as well as a few minutes of personalized advice to help you develop your personal training business.

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We are very proud to be able to assist every day the trainers who help hundreds of people to be in a healthy physical and mental state. They are the ones who speak best about us ❤️

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The application is intuitive and very easy to use. It is constantly evolving, the team behind Gymkee takes into account all our feedback and lets us customize our content.

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Personal Trainer

Today, I found the perfect tool for me. I tested several tools before Gymkee and I chose Gymkee for its simplicity. I have saved a lot of time and my clients are very happy. The team is also very reactive, with a maximum of 10 minutes to get an answer!

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Gymkee is a very simple software to use, both for me as a trainer and for my clients. The interface is very clear, customizable and constantly evolving. If there is any problem, the team is super reactive. I recommend it!

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It's a revolution. I have tested a few other softwares before and they didn't suit me at all... Gymkee is beautiful, practical and simple. Absolutely everything I'm looking for. I recommend it 200%!

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hundreds of happy personal trainers already trust us everyday, so why not you? :)

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When will we be able to access Gymkee ?

Today, Gymkee is only avaible in French and we are translating the software step-by-step. You can be an early bird and request access to Gymkee before everyone by completing this form :

👉 Complete the form

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How much does the Gymkee personal trainer software cost?

The plans offered are plans that adapt to your current situation. Today, you can have your own coaching app from 29€ per month and without any commitment.

You can find all the plans and prices right here:

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Do my clients pay Gymkee?

Your clients will never be charged for using Gymkee.

When you choose the plan that suits you best, it is you and only you as a trainer who is automatically charged every month.

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Is it possible to add your own exercises to Gymkee?

Yes, you can add your own exercises to the platform and use them to create your own fitness programs.

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Is it possible to create nutritional programs on Gymkee?

Yes, you can create nutritional programs and even recipes on Gymkee and send them to your clients on their mobile app.

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I have the feeling that Gymkee is oriented towards gym workouts, is that the case?

This is just a feeling.

Gymkee is totally customizable, whether it's the exercise videos that you can add yourself, or the instruction labels that you put on your programs, etc.

We have trainers for weight training, crossfit, yoga, boxing and even tennis!

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I don't do online coaching, can I use Gymkee?

Yes, you can use Gymkee for your face-to-face coaching.

All you have to do is prepare your workouts on the trainer platform and send them to your clients before joining them to do the workouts with them.

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Can I create TABATA, AMRAP, EMOM protocols? (and other variants)

Yes, it is absolutely possible.

On Gymkee you can create simple workouts but also WODs with Tabata, AMRAP and EMOM protocols with their variants (E3MOM, E5MOM).

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Can I communicate with my clients on Gymkee?

For now, you can't yet.

This is a feature that will be available in the coming weeks to allow you to exchange directly with your clients without going through external applications.

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If I no longer coach a client, can I remove them from Gymkee?

Yes, you can remove a client from the platform by going to their profile and clicking on "I no longer coach this client".

If a client is injured and is unable to follow his workouts, you can also make him "inactive". He will no longer have access to the application to follow his workouts but will still have access to his fitness data.

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What should I do if I want to cancel my Gymkee subscription?

You can cancel your subscription with just one click in your profile.

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Do you have any other questions? Ask us via the chat at the bottom right of the page or send us a short e-mail hello@gymkee.io
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