Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can we create nutrition programs on Gymkee?

Nutrition plays a huge part in sport and we know that. Currently, on the current version it is not yet possible to create and deliver a nutrition program but... can you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell what... GYMKEE... is... coooking?!

Oh, yeah, it'll be here very soon.

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I get the impression that Gymkee is gym-oriented, is that the case?

Nope. In fact, with Gymkee you're free to offer any type of coaching.

However, to be totally transparent with you, basically, you did. That's why today, our exercise library is mainly composed of exercises that have been filmed in the gym, so you are free to add the exercises of your choice if you can't find them in our library and for your programs, you can add your own personalized labels.

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I don't do online coaching, can I use Gymkee?

Yes, we totally understand your question because Gymkee brings a lot of value to online coaches, but even if you don't do online coaching, you can still extract maximum value from it.

For example, you can create your clients' workouts and do them with them while completing the live performance fields. This way, with no extra effort outside of the workout, you will have an accurate tracking of all workouts.

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How are things on my client's side?

It's a question that came up quite a few times and we found the solution :)

From now on, as a personal trainer, you have the possibility to add yourself for free as a client using the same e-mail address you used to create your account.

You can use Gymkee to do your own workouts and really live the Gymkee experience as your clients.

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Can I create TABATA workouts? (and other variations)

Yep, it's possible :)

We have made it easy to create all variants be it TABATA, HIIT, AMRAP etc... with our Workout Builder. You just have to drag and drop all the exercises of your workout and adapt the rest times between each of them.

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Can I communicate with my clients on Gymkee?

We understand the importance of communication between trainers and clients and to be transparent, we already have a messaging system ready, but we sincerely believe that we can do better than just offering a simple tool to send messages like all the others and that's why on the current version of Gymkee, there is no communication system.

What we are trying to offer is a complete messaging system, exclusively dedicated to sport. When it will be ready, we will put it online :)

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If I don't train a client anymore, can I take him out of Gymkee?

Yes, we know that sometimes clients wish to be followed for a short period of time (e.g. 3 months). If you no longer coach a client, you have 2 options :

- If it's a definitive stop of the coaching, you have the possibility to permanently remove your client. Once deleted, you will no longer have access to his data and you will no longer be able to send him any more programs.

- If it is a temporary stop (e.g. injury), you have the possibility to make your client "Inactive". You will not be able to send him new programs and workouts, but you will still be able to access his data.

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What do I do if I want to cancel my Gymkee subscription?

To cancel your Gymkee subscription, you have to send us a registered letter 3 months beforehand to the following address: ...
no, that' s a joke.

Gymkee is without obligation and whatever the reason, you can decide to temporarily suspend your subscription or stop it definitively directly in the "My subscription" section of your profile.

However, it would hurt us to see you go:(

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